Womens Football

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With England winning Bronze at this summers Womens World Cup the interest of womens football has sky rocketed over the past few months with the Women's FA Cup Final holding a record attendance and Womens Super Leagues games increasing attendance by nearly 78% since the Womens World Cup. 

Now with the FA's objective to provide a real legacy after this historic event ECFA has been tasked to provide even further opportunites for girls to play football. 

You will find within the sections below some of the FA and ECFA programs that will be taking place throughout this academic year. 

If you have any questions around any of these projects please feel free to contact our football development team:

Matt Dandy- National Football Development Officer - 07464 541442 - matt_dandy@aoc.co.uk

Nick Hawkins - National Football Development Administrator - 01935 823444 - nick_hawkins@aoc.co.uk