ECFA College Football Hubs
ECFA College Football Hubs

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At ECFA Football Conference our National Football Development Manager, Lauren O’Sullivan, launched a new philosophy and way of working through ECFA College Football Hubs. 

Through this new concept, AoC Sport and The FA plan to invest into colleges to develop the student and staff workforce in order to grow college and community football.

This will not only impact on the growth of the game, but also support more students to become active and help drive education, employment and health objectives cross college.

There are three tiers to this model;

Tier One: £3000 to deliver across all four ECFA pillars. Engaging 250 players in the college and local community through 30 leaders (including 2 football activators and an apprentice).

Tier Two: £1500 to deliver across three ECFA pillars. Engaging 125 players in the college and local community through 10 leaders (including 2 football activators).

Tier Three: £600 to deliver across 2 ECFA pillars. Engaging 50 players through a male and female football activator. 

All college football hubs will be expected to engage 20% female, 10% disability and 10% BAME participants.

The ECFA Pillars are: ParticipationCompetitionWorkforce and Community